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Adult Excerpt from Women of War

Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Genre: Adult Fiction
Categories:Dark Paranormal Mythological Romance Suspense Erotica


Ares swaggered toward them, his dark eyes scanning their bodies up and down, down and up, and side to side, as he bit down on his bottom lip. Slowly he walked around them. Both of them were nineteen or maybe twenty, both of them with fiery red hair and crystal blue eyes, their alabaster faces covered with freckles. Strong bodies from working in fields had firm breasts below their flimsy cotton chemises. In the firelight, he clearly saw the curves of their shapely legs leading to the places between, the night's destinations. "Sisters," he remarked as his full lips turned into a sly smirk and he drew in breath over his sharp teeth. "How nice...for me," he whispered as he stopped in front of what he believed to be the younger of the two. She didn't look at him so Ares grabbed her jaw and forced her head upward to meet his cold stare. "There's no reason this has to go badly, hmmm? A little cooperation and I guarantee you'll enjoy the rest of the night." His smile widened when he felt her tremble and saw her pretty eyes dart away from him.

"Leave her alone." The older of the two sisters grabbed hold of his wrist and tried to pry it from her sister's jaw.

In a movement so swift it was no more than a blur, Ares wrenched her hand from his wrist, turned it, twisted it up behind her back and brought the girl between him and the younger sister until she was bent over fully forward with her firm ass jutting in the air near his crotch. The young woman cried out in agony as Ares brought the bones to the point of breaking; she reached out and grappled to take hold of her sister for balance. "Fight, and I'll enjoy the night even more," he whispered to the younger girl and tightened his grip on her jaw as he glanced down at his growing cock harnessed behind the leather trousers. "Do it," he commanded.

The girl shook her head as her pretty eyes welled with tears.

Ares showed no mercy, he increased the pressure on the other woman's arm until she screamed and begged him to stop. "Now, before I break it."

With a stomach full of disgust, she reached a shaking hand toward the hardened space between his legs and untied the leather strap at his waist. Then she pulled her hand away.

Ares chuckled and gave her jaw a harsh shake. "I don't think you're finished."

Long slender fingers trembled as they made their way back to his waist and her eyes turned away from him. She fumbled around, crying and starting to groan with fear, until her icy hand seized upon his hot hard cock. It throbbed in her palm and sprang further to life, swelling until her fingers no longer met. She tried to pull it free in one yank but, to her surprise, she only seemed to get half of it. The girl couldn't help it, her eyes betrayed her curiosity as she shifted them back to his waist to see the serpent in her hand. Her fingers opened and crawled down further into the leather trousers until they found the tip nestled against his inner thigh. She let out a gasp of air and her knees went weak as she freed it from its prison.

"Almost there," Ares encouraged, "finish it."

The girl had to let go of her sister in order to comply and push the leather away from his taut hips. The young woman with her arm so viciously twisted behind her back let out a cry of anguish as she toppled forward, putting her in an even better position for what was to come. With his brawny torso freed of its restraints, Ares kicked her legs apart, giving each ankle a good jab with the heel of his boot, making sure to get his point across. "Raise it," he ordered as he glanced down at the flimsy cotton standing between him and his goal.

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