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Adult Excerpt of On a Hot Summer Night

Adult Short Story Fiction by Lisa Beth Darling


Breathless over him, she snatched the cuffs from the drawer, "That wasn't very nice, Do-c." she slapped one metal cuff around the hand still clinging to her ass and pinned it to the headboard before settling her weight on his chest. She grabbed the other still probing inside her, "that's not what this game is about." She cuffed him to the headboard with his wrists pinned over his head.

"No?" Mason asked suddenly even more intrigued and frightened, "then what's your game, Rosie?" Instinctively he gave the metal cuffs a good tug only to find them absolutely secure on his wrists.

She slid down him as she reached to the nightstand for the bottle of Tennessee Honey and took a long swig, "Want some, Do-c? No worries this won't hurt, pain is not the game," she assured as she took another drink and then held it to his lips. "I promise you'll leave here tomorrow morning happy as a lark and completely unharmed." She smiled when the Doc opened his mouth and let her pour him a mouthful of the sweet liquor. Capping the bottle she put it back on the nightstand, reached in the drawer, and pulled out a condom, the dildo, a bottle of KY Warming Oil. The latter two she plopped to the bed near his hip as she opened the condom package with her teeth. Spitting the torn piece to the floor she plucked the ribbed lubed condom from the foil package and placed it between her teeth. Closing her mouth she descended over him to his twitching cock.

Feeling her unravel the condom over his sensitive shaft with her mouth, her tongue expertly unrolling the condom over his hot hard shaft, Mason thought he walked into a porno movie and would explode before she could finish. With her job done, she slithered up his naked torso to gaze down at him with the gleaming eyes of a hungry lioness.

Slowly she settled down over him, taking him inside while her fingers flexed and grabbed the flesh at his chest. Above him, she let out a deep sigh and the walls so sweetly surrounding him shivered as they moistened.

Unable to grab her smooth round hips, Mason entwined his fingers around the short chains holding together the metal cuffs at his wrists. He used the leverage to thrust upward. She let out a cry of passion, the fingertips on his chest turned to talons as he pushed his way fully inside. Once he was held deep in the grip of her dripping walls Mason lost the desire to thrust as the need to submit washed over him like a tidal wave. His arms fell slack.

"That's it, Do-c," she moaned. "Just relax, let me do everything."

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