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Excerpt from Sins of the Father

A Novel by Lisa Beth Darling


From the window, Hannah watched them dash through the rain to the big brown truck. Yes, the storm was getting worse. What would she do if the power did go out? Locking the door, she wheeled back to the kitchen where she thought that she might have seen a flashlight or two in the drawer. She was right, there were two of them in the utility drawer, and both of them worked. Putting them on her lap, she wheeled back to the living room where she put them on the coffee table next to her soda and snacks. The white pill was still there, surely an hour had gone by. Hadn't it?

Hannah's throat was still dry and she poured herself a glass of the ginger ale as she gazed down at the pill wondering if she should take it. Maybe after she got the boxes open. Maybe then. Looking at the sealed boxes she silently cursed herself for not being smart enough to bring a knife or pair of scissors from the kitchen. Sighing as she realized she'd have to go back to the kitchen she heard her father's voice whisper;

Stupid…Stupid girl.

She tried to shrug it off by telling herself that it wasn't a big deal or a great distance. Hannah wheeled back into the kitchen to find a small but sharp paring knife with which to cut open the boxes. There were other things she should do to prepare for the storm, weren't there? Sure there were.

Make sure the damn windas is all shut and locked.

With slow deliberation, Hannah went to each and every window in the house to be sure they were all shut tightly and locked so that the rain wouldn't get in nor would the storm blow them open. In Rick's room, she had to walk from the door to the windows and back again. This made her chest squeeze and her head throb. Her stomach felt ignored and it had been. Eating some of the crackers might be good. Taking that other white pill soon would be good as well.

Get the doors, stupid girl.

Back in her chair and in the kitchen she made sure the back door was tightly shut and locked. There was no sense in having that blow in along with a great gush of rainwater. She did the same with the front door even though she knew it was already locked.

Now she was sitting there, by the front door, looking at the three boxes and one crate wondering which box held the lamp? Hannah didn't know. The lamp was the only thing she wanted right now…the only thing. She'd leave everything else alone just as Ricky asked her to do but she wanted that lamp. Wanted to see it again, to touch it, and watch it light up before the power went out. It was so pretty and so delicate, just like her mother. Ricky would love it, oh it would look so beautiful sitting on his piano! If, by chance, she were to add just one or two family photographs to go along with it…wouldn't that be just lovely?

Just like home.

Even though the storm continued to pick up strength outside, inside it was temporarily forgotten, pushed aside by the few peaceful memories Hannah had of her childhood. For right now, at least, the storm wasn't important.

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