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Adult Excerpt from Child of War-Rising Son

Adult Fiction by Lisa Beth Darling


Using a great bit of magick, Morpheus turned his hand solid so that he could drive the girl to her knees before Raven. "Once it was custom to offer a man such as you a Fey on a night such as this, but since there are no more Fey, I offer you this prize instead. I promise she is untouched, ripe, and very willing." Moving behind the young woman, who wouldn't raise her eyes to meet Raven's, Morpheus used his solid hand to caress the girl's bare shoulders and continued over them to the young woman's perky bare breasts as she sucked in hot air over her teeth. "She's beautiful, no? Tell me, does she please you?"

It was hard to say no. Jilios was young but very well developed, she had wide hips leading to curvy thighs between which lay a tempting patch of coarse sandy hair falling away to long tan legs. A stout waist, good for grabbing without fear of breaking, and tits double the size of his palm stood up proud and bold. Her sandy hair fell about her heart-shaped face, past her deep doe eyes, and to her shoulders. "Come here, girl, let me get a better look at you," Raven invited, holding his hand out to her as he lounged across the sturdy golden chair with the blazing hearth warming his back while it lit up the gold and jewel path at her feet. "What a gracious offer, I accept." Raven's hand closed around Jilios' and he pulled the girl to him and touched a finger to her lips. "You ever suck a man's cock?" Jilios' sun-kissed face reddened as she shook her head. Sweeping her by the waist, he sat her on his lap already beginning to bulge and shifted his eyes to speak to Aphrodite who was already sulking. "Why don't you show her how to give a proper blow job?"

Suddenly the air caught in Aphrodite's ample chest as she began to make the short journey up the glittering pedestal to where he sat. "On you?"

Raven dashed her hopes. "Apollo will do." He beckoned them forward with two fingers. "Come closer so she can get a good look." He felt a rush of power when they came to him without question and Aphrodite began removing Apollo's clothing as she sank to her knees before him.

Raven sat up with Jilios on his lap and his hardening cock pressing into the fat of her ass. "That's it, a little closer all of you. That's good. You see that, sweetheart?" he whispered in her ear as his hands roamed along her back. "That's Apollo's cock, the one that gives your mother, Daphne, so much delight. Tell me, do you ever watch them? Listen to them when they screw?"

"Sometimes," Jilios confessed as the curiosity and tension within her grew, making the space between her legs drip with dew. Looking at the pulsing member before her, she licked her lips in anticipation.

Raven eased her hair away from her shoulders so his lips could rest there as he spoke again, "Well go on then, go on, touch it, show me how you'll touch my cock when I let you."

Aphrodite wrapped an expert hand around the base of Apollo's cock and pointed it toward the girl who reached out for it but didn't go all the way. Aphrodite grabbed the girl's hand and clamped it around Apollo. "Like this, honey, do it like this." Closing her hand over Jilios' Aphrodite began pumping Apollo up and down while he let out a little groan. "Good. Now like this," her mouth opened so wide that she nearly swallowed Apollo whole. The Lady of Love pushed the girl's hands further down the hard shaft, toward those waiting lonely balls. While she sucked, building up a heavy vacuum with her tongue twirling and dancing around the May Pole in her mouth, Apollo's hands closed down on the sides of Aphrodite's head as he rocked on his feet letting the bliss overtake him.

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