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Adult Preview from Regret Me Not

Adult Fiction Novel by Lisa Beth Darling


Evelyn Sinclair let Julie Miller lead her to Rick Mason's bedroom, as they made their way through the door fondling each other, Julie looked back and told Mason to bring in the brownies. "I'm sure we're going to need refueling at some point," she said in a voice full of promise just before she kissed Sinclair again.

"Are we?" Sinclair asked breathless at the thought.

"Oh, yes, we are." That and it would help keep everyone's light and easy buzz going strong. She didn't want anyone crashing in the middle of the party.

"You want the orange juice too?" Mason quipped with an evil grin.

Folic acid would make the trip explode; make it more vivid and intense, everything, every sound, every touch, every whispered breath against wanting skin. Sinclair was also a doctor and that just might tip Julie's hand. "No, dear, more wine would be good. But, um, why don't you have another taste of the sauce, another mushroom perhaps? I know how much you like them." She bantered.

The folic acid in the wine would do the same job but on a less noticeable level. Ol' Rosie, she'd been around the block more than once. She was definitely teaching this old dog a few new tricks. "You got it…dear." Mason returned thinking he might do just that and then found there wasn't any need, like the rest of them, he was very happily buzzed. Knowing what was going on, he wanted to be as alert as possible for the coming event.

When he came back to the bedroom, Julie already had Sinclair on the bed; her skirt was on the floor. Julie's hands were running along the silk of the nude thigh high stockings on Sinclair's long legs. He almost dropped the plate of brownies but managed to settle them down on the dresser along with an unopened bottle of wine. He didn't bother with glasses, it was too much for him to carry at once, and he wasn't leaving the room again. They'd just have to swig out of the bottle and that was fine with him. Settling into the chair for the only front row seat, he was just in time to watch Julie ever so slowly take down those pretty white silk panties. They moved over Sinclair's hips, past her thighs, exposing that soft patch of dark hair below the material, then over the thigh highs, down the calves and then to the floor where they landed atop of Sinclair's red skirt. The only thing left on her tight little body was the stockings.

He undid his blue jeans and freed the part of him causing the most pleasurable pain. Once out of the jeans and in the free air his burgeoning cock did expand further and offered temporary relief. Sitting, waiting, watching, quietly unobtrusive, he took in the sight of Julie's hands running along Sinclair's naked breasts as her head made its way down to that patch of dark hair between the woman's legs. Those legs, long and strong in those silk stockings, clamped down on Julie's sides and ran along her flanks in long slow strokes as she waited for the feel of Julie's tongue to touch down in the wet musky spot aching, longing, for the attention.

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