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General Excerpt from Regret Me Not

Adult Fiction Novel by Lisa Beth Darling


Julie spent the afternoon making a very special dinner for the three of them using very special ingredients such as hand-selected mushrooms for the sauce and a little extra something for the brownies that would be dessert. If Mason thought this was her first trip down Seduction Lane, he was sorely mistaken. Julie discovered long ago that her looks would lure just about anyone into her trap but it was best to have a bit of extra special bait awaiting inside before she went in for the kill. This particular concoction had served her well over the years before she met Craig. She was disappointed with herself for indulging in the alcohol but the dinner was another story and she felt very sure no harm would come to the fetus forming within her as a result.

Mason had a hard time concentrating at work and left early with Sinclair happily telling him that she'd see him in a few hours and she was looking forward to dinner. Walking into the house, he was welcomed by the aroma of bubbling spaghetti sauce. "Damn, that smells good." Mason made his way over to the stove where Julie was standing and took a taste. "Mushrooms, I love mushrooms."

"I know." She cooed and held the spoon to his lips making sure she scooped up a large chunk of one of the mushrooms for him. "How is it?"

"Delicious." He commented. "You're still never going to pull this off."

"Go take a shower; you want to be clean for the evening's festivities, don't you?"

That was a good idea…just in case Julie did pull off a miracle. "What about you?" He put his hand on the small of her back. "Don't you want to be clean? I could get you dirty and then hose you off." The hand on her lower back went to the firm round hump of her ass.

"No cheating, Do-c. No pre-game party." Julie told him and stirred the sauce. "Go on."

"You're really serious about this?" Mason asked. Julie was one crazy bitch and she'd do damn near anything but even for her this seemed on the far fringes. "Why? Why are you doing this?"

"What do you care?" She asked softly. "Why can't you just enjoy it?"

"Because if I'm going to stick my dick in a guillotine then I want to know it before the blade comes down."

Julie smiled and shook her head as she bit down on her lower lips and reached out for him. "No guillotine, I promise. Just a very delightfully intense evening between friends."

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