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The Heart of War
Child of War-A God is Born
Christmas Eve on Olympus
Child of War-Rising Son
Women of War
Kingdoms of War
Of War Complete Series


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Sins of the Father
Mysterious Ways
Prodigal Son


The Doc Series

On a Hot Summer Night
Cold November Rain
Regret Me Not






The Shame of
Eminent Domain

A Window to
Magickal Herbalism


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Sex, Love, Magick
50 Shades of War
Daughter of the Gods
A Night at the Office

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Book Reviews for Prodigal Son

A Novel by Lisa Beth Darling


An Amazing End to a Fantastic Series
Reviewer: Tammy Payne, Book Nook Nuts
"What a great ending to a fantastic series. I am sad to see it end."
5 Stars

Just Gob Smacked
Reviewer: Anna Salamatin
"I've followed the Sister Christian Series from the start and am sorry to say good-bye to Hannah. Her whole life has been a struggle of abuse, bullying, lies and greed. "
5 Stars

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