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General Excerpt from The Of War Series

Adult Fiction Novels by Lisa Beth Darling


Gathering his cool, slowly standing erect, he quietly let himself out of the room, careful to shut the door tightly behind him. With anger pushing every purposeful step forward, he sauntered across the hall to Raven's room. He kicked in the door. It flew wide and hard. The gold knob smashed against the black marble so hard the stone gave way to the force as it cracked and gaped with a large gouge. The God of War burst into the room, slamming the broken door shut behind him to block out the sound of the coming argument. "What vile thing did you say to her? What threat did you make?"

Raven had been stretched out on his bed with Spirit Walker at his side when the door flew open and he had barely enough time to get to his feet before he was face to face with his pissed off Father. The wolf followed, frightened for its master. Spirit Walker settled on his haunches, growled as it bared his teeth, and made ready to strike at Ares. It sprung at Ares, claws outstretched, mouth open, sharp fangs dripping saliva ready to chomp through tender flesh.

Ares just stood there sneering, his smoldering eyes fixated on the beast in mid-attack. As though he were doing nothing more than swatting a fly, Ares raised his hand, waved it across his face and let go the largest fireball Raven ever saw come from his Father's hand. Spirit Walker went up in flames, whimpered like a newborn baby, then fell to the floor in a pile of ash.

"NO!" Raven screamed as the smell of burnt wolf fur and charred flesh filled his nostrils. His haunting eyes filled with shock and tears as he tried to dash past his Father to get to the smoldering remains of his beloved pet but Ares stepped in the way.

"You were right, I should have done that years ago," Ares whispered hotly and gave Raven a harsh shove. The young man stumbled back toward the bed as Ares slowly walked toward him. "What happened to your Mother?"

"I don't know," Raven returned through gritted teeth, knowing he was running out of room and deciding to stand his ground. He stopped backing up but Ares didn't stop coming forward. The stench of burnt fur caught his throat. "How many times do I have to tell you I don't-" The swift motion of Ares' hand clamping down over his windpipe cut off Raven's words along with his air supply. Then his feet were no longer touching the ground.

Ares' eyes blazed fire but his voice was cool and calm as a placid lake as he increased the pressure on his Son's throat. "She tried to run from you, run from her only Son. Why?"

Raven struggled for air more than answers as he tried to pry Ares' hand away from his throat. He was almost as strong as his Father but not quite; instead of brute strength, Raven summoned his command of ice to freeze his hands clamped around Ares' wrist. Cold crystals formed on their flesh, began creeping their way up Ares' hand as they wrapped around Raven's fingers but then they began to melt. Steam rose in the air as Ares fought back with his command of fire. As hard as Raven tried to freeze the hand choking off his precious oxygen, Ares grip only tightened and grew hotter but his onyx eyes never showed any emotion as he stood there choking the life out of his Son. Raven felt his face flush, turning crimson, as his lungs fought for air. "I never touched her," he croaked.

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