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General Excerpt from Mysterious Ways

A Novel by Lisa Beth Darling


"You can't give up hope, Hannah. We will find out what's wrong with him." Spaulding reached out and ran his hand along her back. "How are your legs? Your neck? Your feet, how are they feeling? Did you eat anything today?"

Strength returned in the form of anger. "Why are you worrying about me when you should be-" Hannah picked her head up from the rail and as she turned to glare at Scott her eyes brushed over Rick and then quickly returned to him. "Oh, no, Scott look!"

"Humm?" Spaulding turned to look at Mason. A long dark sticky, stream of crimson was running out from both nostrils, down his cheeks, his jaw, and was starting to pool on the pillow. "Somebody get in here!" He shouted out. The monitor started to beep and then to whine in a long nerve frazzling note. People were rushing in bringing in carts and medical equipment, nearly enough to fill the room.

Get out of the way, gurl!

"Hhuh?" Hannah grunted at the sound of her father's gruff voice in her head.

You want your bruther ta die? Then move your retarded ass!

On sleepy aching legs, Hannah stumbled to her feet and pushed past all the men and women hurrying to Rick's side. She didn't know where to go or what to do. She found a quiet, out of the way spot, in the rear of the room by the sink. From here, she could see the numbers on the monitor and couldn't comprehend them. When people die didn't the numbers drop? Surely they did. They went down to 0. So why were they climbing so steadily and so rapidly? Oh my God! Was Rick bleeding from his ears now! Yes, he was, she could see little rivers of blood oozing down the sides of his head. The sight of it made her head spin and her stomach want to heave.

As the doctors frantically worked on Rick, Hannah pressed to the far wall watching the light reappear over Rick's head. From out of its gloriousness stepped the white rabbit in his pin-stripe suit. He pulled a pocket watch on a gold chain from his vest pocket and pointed to it hurriedly.

"Yes, it's late, isn't it?" Hannah whispered to the vision in a voice so low only the white rabbit could hear before it faded back into the light that folded in on itself and was gone.

I have to find that rabbit, no matter what it takes or where I have to look, I have to find it; I have to bring it here. That's what God wants. From her place in the far corner of the room, Hannah said in a clear voice that was soft but strong enough to be heard over the din, "Don't you go chasing any rabbits, you hear me? Don't you dare go down the rabbit hole." She dashed out of the room off on her way to find the creature.

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