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Adult Excerpt from Kingdoms of War

Adult Fiction Novel by Lisa Beth Darling


"How many times have you done this to me?"

"This is the first time I've taken his shape in front of you, not for lack of wanting, of course." Apollo spoke to her in Ares' voice as he gazed at her from behind Ares' dark eyes. Smiling Ares' smile, he let go of her weakening fist and watched it fall limp at her side. He let his fingertip touch the curve of her face and run gently down her trembling cheek watching her stare at him in disbelief seeing her try to fight against all the illusion offered made him smile a little wider. "I'll retain it for the night, or part of it, if it makes you feel better, if you'll make love to me the way you do him."

As much as Alena hated to admit it Apollo did make a tempting offer. If the cure didn't work she could fool her grieving mind into believing she'd had one last night with him before she set his body upon the pyre. "If you're going to force your Brother's Wife into your arms the least you can do is do it as yourself and not as some coward hiding behind an illusion."

"Such a brave little Fey," Apollo mumbled as he shifted into his own true form. The hand caressing her cheek so softly fell onto her shoulder in a vice grip as it shoved her to her knees. "Put my cock where your mouth is," Apollo hissed as he forced her mouth back toward his crotch. "Tonight you're mine, bitch."

One day Apollo would pay handsomely for the things he'd done and was about to do, yet, he was right; no hero would come to her rescue tonight. Tonight all nightmares came true and she was his to command such was the price for Ares' life. Fighting against the recoil and the overwhelming urge to bite, tear through his golden flesh right down to the pelvic bone, rip off his horrid cock and spit it out on the floor, she opened her mouth to receive him.

"That's better," he cooed using the hand in her hair to yank her head back and forth at a pace that suited him and nearly choked her to death but it wasn't enough for the Golden God. "Do it like you do it for him, huh? C'mon, put some heart into it," he demanded.

Alena tried but fear didn't equal passion and the urge to vomit all over his hard gold shaft never left the back of her throat.

When Apollo had enough of her half-hearted suckling he hauled her to her feet so that he could rip the delicate nightgown from her quaking body. Feeling completely vulnerable and exposed Alena tried to cover herself with her hands but Apollo wouldn't let her. He grabbed both wrists and held her arms wide as he got a good long look at her minus the protection of the shiny chastity belt she once wore. Thanks to Ares the sacred place between milky legs was free for the taking. It was the triple-tiered ruby and diamond necklace with its willow tree and wolf medallion that caught his golden eyes. He reached out to lay his hand on the jewels but she batted it away. "I still don't know what he sees in you," Apollo grimaced as he looked her up and down, "so skinny, so reedy, you're really not his type at all. And these…these," Apollo let go of her wrists to seize her small tender breasts so hard she let out a sharp cry of pain. Glancing past her shoulder Apollo watched Ares sleep on in his fevered state and the smile grew wider, "these are far too small." With all of the strength in his sinewy arms, Apollo pushed her away in disgust.

Slipping on the shredded nightgown below her feet, Alena crashed to the floor at the foot of the bed to see Apollo barreling down on her with the intensity of an avalanche. Then he was on her, his bare golden flesh pressed against her, his hands running all over her groping, kneading, and pinching their way across her cringing body as she fought against him and the urge to scream. Alena struggled to keep her legs closed but Apollo was much stronger than he appeared. Grabbing both of her wrists in one golden hand he slammed them down on the marble floor high above her head. His free hand closed down around her throat as his sinister stare held her gaze and he kneed her legs apart. Alena tried to steel herself for his entry as Apollo pushed his way inside. Every muscle in her reedy body went rigid just before she went completely limp below him. With no choice left to her, Alena called upon a trick she'd learned long ago from men like Captain Henry and Jaakim; Alena simply disconnected her soul, she shut it off, tucked it away some place safe, and ran on Auto Pilot. While her body felt the pain inflicted by Apollo's hands and his hard golden cock her mind didn't go blank, it didn't fall into Darkness, instead Alena focused on making love with Ares the way he moved inside her and the fiery touch of his large hands running wild over her. She didn't cry out nor beg for mercy no matter how hard Apollo thrust.

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