Excerpt from Kingdoms of War

Author: Lisa Beth Darling
Genre: Adult Fiction
Categories:Dark Fantasy/Mythological Suspense, Romance, Erotica

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Book Details:
Kingdoms of War
Four billion souls lost to the ravages of Major Falls and Ares God of War may be next if Alena doesn't submit to Apollo's depravity.
Written by: Lisa Beth Darling
Published by: Moon Misttress Publishing
Date published: 07/18/2014
ISBN: 978-0692248409
Book #6 in the OF WAR Series

Wandering down the ramp that led to Rose's room, Hera stopped when she heard voices whispering and giggling. Peering around the corner, she saw Rose sitting at a table surrounded by dolls and teddy bears each with a porcelain tea cup, saucer, and plate with a cookie upon it. The little girl was pouring hot tea into the cups as she sang a little song; "Under the tree it's dark and dirty. Out in the light all is bright. When the Queen returns the dark will burn. Ignite the light let the Queen return."

The clarity of Rose's normally bumbling stumbling voice struck the Queen of the Gods like one of her Husband's lightning bolts. More than that, she was stunned into silence as she watched the potbelly bear at the head of the table reach for the cookie in front of it and then eat it. Sipping from their cups, the dolls swayed in their chairs to the tune Rose crooned.

At first when Rose proclaimed she had killed Morpheus, Hera thought Rose was covering for her Father. Even after Rose's little demonstration in the Counsel Chamber, Hera was still hard pressed to believe it. But here in the bedroom she had no choice.

When the song was over Rose clapped for herself with much joy and the toys clapped for her but quickly fell silent, as did the little girl. As the proud smile on her face faded Rose looked up, put a fingertip to her chin and called out, "'Ram-ee?"

Knowing Rose detected her presence, Hera stepped out from around the corner to walk down the remainder of the ramp and up to the table. "Hello, darling," She kept her colorful eyes on the toys. "That's quite the trick. It's very powerful magick."

Rose shrugged her shoulders. "No yike, 'Ram-ee?" She reached out to move the doll on her right to sit with the bear on her left before patting the small chair. "'It, Ram-ee, 'it."

Surprised by how polite her Granddaughter was Hera graciously sat on the small chair. "This is lovely, isn't it? You have these very pretty cups and all your friends here." She gestured to the toys sitting oddly silent as she watched Rose fill a fresh rose covered cup with steaming tea from the matching pot. She was pleasantly surprised but not shocked when Rose didn't spill a single drop. "Thank you." She raised the cup to her lips and sniffed the steam finding only honey sweetened chamomile to greet her before taking a sip. "Did I startle you? I'm sorry. Can you make them move again?"

"Yeah!" Rose picked up her silver teaspoon and waved it gingerly in the air as though it were a magick wand until swirls of glittering silver dust wafted from the tip. "Bibbit, Bobbit, Boo!" she exclaimed. The magickal dust-looking strangely like Faery Dust-dispersed in a big puff. It settled over the toys and they reanimated to resume their tea party.

"My look at that," Hera exclaimed. "That's really quite something, Child."

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