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Lose yourself in stories rich with drama, intrigue, suspense, love, lust, betrayal, rage, and with a smattering of luck, redemption. All novels are for an adult audience who are not afraid of the dark.

At this time all available series are complete and each first novel/story in every series may be read as a standalone story.

Please click the book covers below to start your journey into these worlds and to find out more about each book including blurbs, excerpts (general and adult), reviews, trailers, and purchase information.

Of War Series
Adults Only. Not for the faint of heart. Series contains scenes/themes of explicit sex and violence.

The Heart of War

Sister Christian Series
Heart wrenching and soulful. Suitable for a General Audience.


The Doc Mini-Series
Adults Only. Contains explicit sex and some violence.

On a Hot Summer Night

Child of War-A God is Born

Sins of the Father

Cold November Rain

Child of War-Rising Son

Mysterious Ways

Regret Me Not

Women of War

Prodigal Son

Crazy Love
The Doc Mini-Series Complete

The Kingdoms of War

OF WAR Complete

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