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General Excerpt from Cold November Rain

Adult Fiction by Lisa Beth Darling


She was fine.

She was a big girl. She could take care of herself.

She was fine.

"Oh, goddamnit!" He yelled to the dark. Grabbing up his keys from the desk so he could make the drive back to her house he caught sight of a cab pulling up to the house. Someone got out; he couldn't see who it was. It was a little late for company for his neighbors and hardly anyone ever came to visit him. There was a small rap at the door, he opened it to see her standing there, dripping wet, cold, shaking, and barefoot. Then he remembered that her shoes were in the front seat of his car.

"You, Doc. It's you." Juliette whispered. "Now pay the man." She hitched a thumb toward the waiting cab. She'd walked almost six miles in the pouring rain and bare feet before she was able to flag him down and he'd been kind enough to accept her sad story of her argument with a boyfriend who left her on the side of the road.

"Me?" He asked not believing her. "For what? Tonight?"

"Maybe tomorrow night too, don't push it, Doc."

"Me or them and not just for tonight or you can get back in the cab and go home, Julie-Baby. My treat."

Julie-Baby. Only a handful of people ever called her that. The only way The Doc would know is if he called her house to check on her. He'd been worried about her and felt badly for leaving her the way he did. "You really want to spend the night without me?"

No, he didn't and he should consider himself damn lucky that she'd chased after him. "Wait here." Rick went outside and paid the cabbie. When he got back inside, she was already naked in his bed.

"Leave the light off, Doc." She whispered as he reached for it and redirected his hand from the lamp to her body. "We don't need it, do we?"

He did like looking at her and there wasn't much light coming in through the windows on this stormy night. If she wanted to leave it off then that would be all right. There was enough illumination from the streetlight to show him her silhouette and dimly light up her face. Her hair was wet and her skin was cold but it was soft and silky. "Why'd you come here?" He asked as he settled on the bed next to her and let her slide his hand down her thigh.

"For you. No one does it like you, Doc." No one did and she should know she'd been with a lot of them over the last year. "Don't you want me anymore?" She reached out to the place between his legs to find that wasn't the case at all.

The tone of her whisper tickled his ear and made the goose bumps return. "I want you." He bent his head to kiss her but she dodged him again and landed her lips on his neck but only for a moment. Rick grabbed her chin and pushed her away. "What's wrong, Julie-Baby? Won't kiss me anymore? I got too close, huh?"

"Far too close," she advised, "now come a little closer." She brushed her lips over his hoping that would satisfy him as she went for the neck again but he didn't let go of her jaw. Instead, he pushed her back against the pillows and the mattress and covered her lips with his. Warm moist tongue parted her lips as it searched around in her mouth.

There wasn't just heat between them anymore there was passion. Enough to last through and light up the night.

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