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Adult Excerpt from Christmas Eve on Olympus

Adult Short Story Fiction by Lisa Beth Darling


"No, don't," she protested softly, "Ares."

That was his cue, when she tried to turn away from him, he looped a strong leg over hers pulling her back to him and holding her steadfast in place. "Give it to me," the demand came in a sensual wisp of hot breath. Ares worked a little harder, writhed against her a little further, held her a little firmer, and suckled with more force until she couldn't deny him any longer. His wanton eyes opened and peered down just in time to see her hips arch upward, her breath stop in her lungs, and then that long lovely stream of juice trickle forth between her legs making it wet and ready for him.

The heavy scent of musk and honeysuckle filled the air as the fire beside them crackled.

When he pulled away from her she looked up at him with bewildered eyes, "How do you do that?" Until Alena met Ares, she never even thought it possible a man would make a woman climax without ever even touching her between the legs.

"You don't want to know," he returned softly knowing that if he bit down in that exact spot just another centimeter or so he'd kill her. Blood would rush into his mouth spill over his face, and down his chin in a river so fast that she'd die within moments even as the heights of passion encompassed her. It always amazed Ares that the weakest, most vulnerable points of the body, were also the ones that could bring the most pleasure.

With her face buried in his chest she mumbled, "Make love to me?"

"So impatient," Ares chided, "I haven't even gotten to where the mistletoe was hung yet."

"Perhaps you should do that now."

"Oh, you're such a slave driver."

"That's me, always cracking the whip."

Ares pushed her onto her back once more and lowered his head over hers for a kiss, "Bitch," he whispered just before their lips met and he felt her giggle in his arms as she pulled him in closer. Then the comforting and arousing warm weight of him was descending her slim frame to the waiting space between her parted legs. With a smirk on his face he poured more peppermint oil onto his fingers and then delighted in the harsh 'oooo' that came from her throat and the shiver rushed through her when his fingers and the oil met the tender musky flesh. "Turnabout's fair play, how do you like it?" She didn't have to answer, not when her hips rose up off the pillows searching for more. Ares didn't hesitate to comply; he let his fingers wander all around her folds before they slipped inside. The deeper they went the harder she shivered and let out those soft coos that made his ears tingle and twitch. It was the dulcet tones of an angel in heat calling out for her lover and he was the man for the job. Letting the softly falling dewdrops of musk and honey catch in his beard Ares moved in for the kill as his agile tongue slipped into her working and probing every inch he could find. Alena sat up partway, with his free hand he pushed her down again and then reached for one aching lonely breast. Ares indulged in his work, Alena surrendered to his touch. Surrounded by the warmth of the fire and the night, she gave over to the passion and heat building between them, let go of the fight and conceded defeat to all that desire and love offered tonight. Her hips rocked in time with his thrusts and the walls around his fingers began swelling until they constricted and clamped down sucking and pulling his fingers in deeper as they wettened. The milky dewdrops cascading down his lips turned into a slow running river. Thighs parting and rocking even as they ground down on him the scent ushering forth filled him body and soul even as his nostrils sought out more.

"Oh, god," Alena moaned as hot breath caught in her lungs, "my god, that's so good."

"I am always at your beck and call, my Wife," Ares returned and pushed in as far as he could only to have her hips search for even more.

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