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Adult Excerpt from Child of War-A God is Born

Adult Fiction by Lisa Beth Darling

The God of War was only spurred on by her protest and, rather than comply, sucked her tender nipple with all the force he could muster until she was gripping the ties, pulling herself toward the headboard, but her back never stopped arching into him and honey flavored milk poured down his throat. Breaking away from her and licking the last of her milk from his bottom lip, Ares whispered darkly, "I think you forget your place tonight, woman." Swiftly, his lips went from her breast back to that highly sensitive space on her neck, just below her right ear. His mouth closed down hard, claiming what was his and not letting it go, as any wild wolf would do in the heat of passion.

Alena pulled away for half-a-second before she laid still and turned her head so that he could get a better grip. "Oh, god," she moaned, held helpless by the restraints keeping her gently in place for him.

"Yes?" Ares muttered without letting go the hold his teeth had on her tender flesh. Once more, he thought of how easy it would be to kill her; a little more pressure and he'd rip out her throat and she'd never know what hit her. How could she possibly be so foolish? So vulnerable? Unless, of course, she did trust him, did want him to do this. As if in answer to his silent query, her quivering body broke out in a sweaty sheen.

Alena didn't know how Ares discovered that particular spot and she didn't care because all she wanted was more. She never understood how he could make her cum with only his teeth at her throat, but he was doing it and she didn't want it to end. She did want to touch him, to run her fingers through his thick midnight hair, hold him close, rake her nails down his rippled back, but the Bonds on her wrists wouldn't hear of it. They held her down and heightened the pleasure until she couldn't fight it anymore. Although she held her legs crossed tightly, the wave of heat still burst through her. The long trickle of moisture still ushered forth and clung to her inner thighs until she was breathless and begging for him to stop, to release her from the ever-building passion to the heights of climax.

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