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A Bit About Lisa Beth Darling

As of this writing, I am 51 years-old, and I live in my hometown of New London, CT with my husband of 32 years, Roy Gorman. Together, we have faced all of the trials, tribulations, and joys life has to offer as we raised two beautiful daughters to adulthood. Now we are beginning to enjoy our empty nest.

I began writing in the 4th grade when I was given my first-ever creative writing assignment. Putting pencil to paper I was instantly transported away to a place I knew I'd never want to leave and that I would write for my entire life. Today I am the author of more than two dozen novels and thirty short stories. Always the bold eclectic, I am never one to be pigeonholed into a single genre or to shy away when the story runs down a dark hole, as such I create riveting stories set in worlds rich with love, lust, suspense, drama, and intrigue. Or, well, I hope so anyway.

When I'm not writing you can find me on my comfy couch indulging my passion for movies and TV shows or out in the garden where I do my best to keep up with the weeds, or tracking down my Darling Ancestors wherein I have amassed a very helpful collection of databases and vital records.

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